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An accountability program developed by parents for parents
What is Accountability Concepts?
Founders Matt and Julie Reichmann were married in May, 1982. They have five children. Julie had always been fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom where she placed a high priority on teaching the importance of accountability to her children. Matt began working in law enforcement in the Los Angeles region in 1983. Throughout his career, he came in close contact with individuals who never learned the valuable principle of accountability. The combination of Julie's home skills and Matt's law enforcement experience gives them a unique perspective on parenting.
Over the years, Matt and Julie developed a system of discipline based on the principle of accountability. After using this system in their home for several years, they were encouraged by many people to share their parenting techniques. This encouragement led to the creation of Accountability Concepts.

Unfortunately, after a long battle with cancer, Julie passed away in 2014. Matt has continued to teach these principles of accountability and systems developed through Accountability Concepts. Today, their systems continue to be utilized in their children's families and taught to families across the US.
Ralph Baker
Superintendent, Victor School District
"The Accountability concepts program allows parents and teachers to work together to mold the behavior and character skills students need to be successful in school and throughout life. A unique feature is that a parent or teacher can use the concepts by themselves and notice an instant and positive change. Working in partnership it becomes a dynamic plan where no student can escape!"
Greg & Tamra Palmer
"In our home, we have used every system and read every parenting book you can imagine. But nothing compares to Accountability Concepts. It works! It works because it's based on sound, bedrock principles. And, refreshingly, it is workable - even tired and harried parents can have a system that will actually work in the setting of a REAL family. It has made an unbelievable difference in our home."
Steven E. Capps, M.A.
School Psychologist
"The Accountability Concepts' Pyramid is a simple tool that the average parent or teacher can use consistently and effectively to implement complex behavioral and psychological theories. I've seen its use in the home and the classroom."
Julie Tolerico
Mother / School Counselor
"Accountability Concepts is a dynamic tool for parents/teachers that allows them to clearly define and teach basic moral values. It helps train children to recognize and accept responsibility for their actions. Children learn that there are consequences for their actions and the benefits of responsible behavior."
Aaron Haughton
Principal, Desert Trails Elementary
"The implementation of the 'Accountability Pyramids"'in several of our classrooms has been received very well. Encouraging results and positive feedback have been commonplace. Additionally, I have used this program at home with my own children and concur with its success."
Richard & Shauna Bebb
"Accountability Concepts and the 'Pyramid' are wonderful! Our children are truly understanding taking responsibility for their actions, and accepting the consequences for those actions. The fact that they utilize the same program in their classroom gives them no escape."
What you will discover
All in all, being a parent is hard work! It can be downright difficult. It can take you to the “edge”, leaving you disheartened and disillusioned.

Our system, however, aims to take the real stress out of parenting. It has been a program that has been in use for over 20 years – and there are scores of parents who can attest to its benefits.

You will learn techniques that:
  • Include a discipline system that once and for all is guaranteed to work!
  • Hold children accountable for their work!
  • Increase a child's desire to complete homework successfully!
  •  Put power back into parenting!
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